Westoils Waste Disposal
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Registration form for a Hazadous Waste Premises Code - As of the 1st April 2016 you only need to register if you are located in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. Registration is not required if you are located in England.
Please note this is chargable and we will contact you with the cost of this service before-hand.
A) Please fill out this form with your details.Press the submit button at bottom of form.
B) Or fax or post to us (details at bottom of form) and we will register your site for you. { Print Now }
C) Or you can contact the Environment Agency Registrations direct on
(0300 065 3000)
D) Or Via the EA Website: www.gov.uk/hazardous-waste-producer-registration-wales

Organisation Name:

Companies House Registration Number (If Applicable)


Post Code:


E-Mail Address:

SIC Code { Need Help Click Here }

Please indicate the number of employees at the premises:

1 1-4

2 5-9

3 10-49

4 50-249

5 250+

Wastes on Site:

1 Waste Oil

2 Soluble Oils

3 Contaminated Fuels

4 Antifreeze

5 Contaminated Water

6 Oil Filters

7 Oily Rags

8 Granules

Signed (Post/fax submissions):


Customers not registering through Westoils

For those customers who have chosen an alternative route for registration, please forward your registration number to us for our records.

Registration Number:

Please register me through:

Westoils Environmental Ltd

Please Return to:

Premises Registrations
West Oils Environmental Ltd
41 The Oval

Tel (01452) 414132

Refer to legislation updates For more information on Notification Of Premises or further legislation matters.